What Is Zapping Your Energy

There’s no doubt that eating a healthy diet and limiting unhealthy food consumption is important for a healthy lifestyle.  Maintaining a healthy diet is not only about the food you put in your body but also includes the water you drink and how much physical activity you get. Eating well and staying active are both equally important to maintaining a healthy body.

But if you are eating healthily and taking care of your body, you can still suffer from fatigue and be almost on your knees due to lack of energy.  Maybe it’s time to think about where you are using up most of your energy and avoid those exertions as much as possible. There are ways to identify, what is zapping your energy, and how to stop your body burnout.


Of course, if you are trying to stay fit and healthy, you probably do some form of exercise too.  Running, power walking,  cycling, football, and boxing, are all activities that require a lot of energetic input. If you are exercising too much, your body will soon complain.  Even in your working life, if you are on the go all day, without taking breaks, it can lead to burnout. Try and identify where you expend most of your energy and cut back a bit.  Can you swap any high-energy exercise for something more gentle such as yoga or a simple less strenuous walk?



Even day-to-day errands, running a home or business, and life in general still require a certain amount of energy. If you are finding it all too much, think about delegating a bit more.  Identify the main things that make you feel overloaded and simply ask someone for some help, either at home or at work.   It doesn’t hurt to put yourself first for a while till you feel less tired.

Instead of taking on more and more things to do that require energy, focus on yourself.  Meet up with friends, relax a bit more, simply watch a film or read a book instead of sticking to your normal active exercise routines.


Another way to feel better, and boost your energy is to get some good restorative sleep.  So make sure you turn off all your devices and technology a good hour before bedtime.  Put your mobile phone onto flight mode to avoid disturbances, and perhaps go to bed earlier than normal.

It sounds very old-fashioned, but a warm bath, a hot milky drink really does make a difference to how you sleep, it sends all the right signals to your brain that it’s time to unwind and get ready to sleep.  Never underestimate the power of a good snooze, and, if it’s not working for you at night, then just take a power nap during the afternoon. Any sleep is better than no sleep at all!

Once your energy levels are back up again, along with your healthy diet, you’ll be ready for anything!

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